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With Lavender and Grace

About us
hi friend! I'm Bianca. I'm a wife, homeschooling mama and business owner with a passion for all things home. I'm forever inspired Provence, I love skiing in the winter and being on the water as much as possible in the summer, cooking a meal and gathering around the table with my family, gardening and making memories with my children. My favorite things in life are listening to the laughter of my boys, books you can't put down, a good glass of red with my husband, the sunshine, coffee loaded with frothed milk, bike rides in the summer and husband (and children!) caught fish for dinner.
I believe in elevating the everyday and creating a life for yourself that is full of joy... no matter where you are in your stage of life. My prayer is that I can inspire you by documenting my creative adventures in home decor, fashion, motherhood and wellness along the way.
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